I bought one of Huta Pearl’s necklaces and it’s wonderful. My roommate had a birthday coming up, so I made sure I picked out a necklace I really liked for her. Now I have a choice of two necklaces to wear when I go out.

Marlene’s jewelry is so special that not only do I have several of her pieces, three of my best friends from high school, 20 years ago, are now wearing her jewelry.

I can’t believe there is such a variety of jewelry on her Etsy Shop.

I’ve been wearing one of Marlene’s winged bracelets at our local middle school. I'm a teacher, and when one of my co-workers saw it she was ga-ga over it. She can’t have mine, so now she’s looking for her own on Huta Pearl’s Etsy Shop.

Whenever I wear your necklace I get more comments than from anything else I have.